Dust and Bag Filter – DFB TYPE

Dust and Bag Filter - DFB TYPE

Diameters: 4 5/8” – 11¾”

Length: 12” – 144”


– A wide range of materials for different Range of Temperature and Process Media.

– Custom sizes and styles are available to meet the unique requirements of your Bag House installation.

– Different configuration to meet your cleaning process (Pulsejet, Shaker or Reverse Air).

– A wide range of Surface Finishes and Chemical Treatments.

– Ultrasonic welded seam for increased efficiency and reinforced mechanical strength.

– Inspection & Test to Each of the bags in order to ensure the meet with the technical specifications established in the purchase order by the customer.

Composite and Specialty Felt Media

* FMS Fiberglass compound needle felt.

* Oil & water repellent needle felt.

*With PTFE membrane needle felt.

* Anti-static needle felt.

* Custom OEM-ODM needle felt.